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  • Anya HaldeyHypnotherapist

    I am a certified clinical hypnotherapist and life coach who helps people to connect with their deeper mind to overcome bad habits and addictions, deal with past traumatic events and rapidly improve the quality of their lives.

  • Anya HaldeyHypnotherapist

    Call me for a free consultation. I have helped hundreds of people in Western Sydney and the Blue Mountains with weight loss, anxiety, quiting smoking, self esteem and many other issues.


Embracing the Shadow Self Workshop

Date: 30th June 2019 | Time: 10am-5pm | Address: Soul Haven, 157 Smith St, Penrith | Fee: $160

Do you do or say things you are not proud of? Do you lash out at your spouse, your children or your co-workers?" Do you have addictions to alcohol, drugs, food or something else? Have you sabotaged your new diet or a new goal?

These are all parts of the shadow self's in our lives. This workshop will not only show you how to unveil our shadows but how to understand and deal with them. Our shadows are messengers from the unconscious mind.

Download the course brochure here.

For information and to book your seat, call Anya Haldey on: 0422 559 806, Send an Email, or find me on Facebook.

Our programs and services allow you to become free of fears, limitations imposed by self and others, emotional pain, destructive habits and self sabotaging behaviours. To enjoy life now and create a fulfilling future you can transform how you feel, think and act.

Weight Management

 Achieve the weight you desire

 Stop obsessing about food

 Let go of cravings

 Eliminate food triggers

 Deal with negative emotions

 Feel good about yourself

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Quit Smoking

 Change your focus

 Feel healthy

 Really taste your food

 Walk or run up stairs easily

 Live longer

 Be in control of your habits

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Anxiety & Stress

 Let go of your fears

 Feel calm and in control

 Be free of phobias for good

 Present yourself easily

 Control your stress levels

 Find inner peace

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Self Esteem

 Develop an unshakable belief

 Learn to trust your inner mind

 Change your negative self talk

 Re-focus on successes

 Present yourself confidently

 Gain a new perspective

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