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Often when people talk about feeling more confident on the job, in relationships and in life in general, they focus too much on the negative side of events, on what went wrong rather than on taking the learnings from their mishaps and moving on. Being successful requires perseverance and not only in doing what you know is best for you but in thinking positively about the future.

Here is some information about a man who never gave up. His age is on the right:

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  • Failed in Business – 22
  • Ran for Legislature – defeated – 23
  • Again failed in business – 24
  • Elected to Legislature – 25
  • Girlfriend died – 26
  • Had a nervous breakdown – 27
  • Defeated for Speaker – 29
  • Defeated for Elector – 31
  • Defeated for Congress – 34
  • Elected to Congress – 37
  • Defeated for Congress – 39
  • Defeated for Senate – 46
  • Defeated for Vice President – 47
  • Defeated for Senate – 49
  • Elected President of the United States – 51

It is the story of Abraham Lincoln, elected President of the United States in 1860!

Now when you search for information about this legendary figure, be it in books, reference materials or on the internet, what you will find is a list of his achievements. Hidden within the major chapters of his life will be short mentions of his failures, but it this number of failures he experienced that makes us really appreciate and better understand his brilliance and limitless devotion to success.

What if you were to write a list of milestones of your life? How much further can the perseverance take you?


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