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Self Esteem

True confidence and healthy self-esteem are the crucial elements contributing to the feelings of happiness, contentment and success. Quite often people struggle to be true to themselves trying to please everyone else and putting other people’s interests before their own. Whilst seemingly a good gesture it can leave a bitter taste as playing small makes you feel insignificant and in the long term could be damaging to your confidence and self esteem. Hiding out in life, worrying what other people may think of you prevents you from living your life fully and in the end can create not only dissatisfaction but physical illness as well.

We have helped many people to stop being afraid of speaking their truth and feeling anxious. Our life coaching programs focus on helping you to discover your authentic self, to let go of the past hurts and limitations and to practice being you in a safe, healthful and confident way. We use well known hypnotic techniques to support the new behaviours, and share the most effective self hypnosis tools with you so that when you complete the program you can enjoy the satisfaction of knowing your self worth, feeling free to express your thoughts and emotions and looking forward to the opportunities life presents to you.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Have clarity about your direction in life
  • Know what you want in life and have a plan on how to get it
  • Have the courage to stand up for yourself without losing friends
  • Learn your strengths and Accept yourself as you are
  • Attract better friendships and relationships
  • Turn fear into confidence

If this looks like the kind of results you are wanting to achieve then I would love to work with you.

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'Hi Anya, I am keeping busy and using a lot of what you helped me with speaking in front of large groups and my confidence is still really high. I don't get the overwhelming feeling anymore and if I do I just push it aside and all is good.' - Kerrie, Emu Plains

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