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In our tailored program we work with you to identify patterns, beliefs and decisions that are influencing your eating habits.

Many people that come to us have tried various diets with limited success because unconsciously they feel that every diet is depriving them of the foods they like and the pleasures associated with them. Hypnosis has been proven very effective to help you let go of the deprived feeling and end the internal struggle for good. As one of our clients said “hypnotherapy is not a magic pill” but rather a focused and safe way to change your mindset, feelings and behaviours.

With the use of various therapeutic techniques we help you to transform your attitudes towards the food and to feel motivated to exercise so that you can achieve your desired outcomes.


The Virtual Gastric Band program is extremely effective in helping people to lose weight.

This program does not involve dieting and uses a virtual gastric band combined with other mind management techniques to enable clients to form new habits that are easy to maintain. By engaging the unconscious mind you can feel satisfied on smaller amounts of food, change the eating routine and enjoy exercise easily and healthfully. During the clinical trials in the UK effective weight loss was achieved by 99% of participants.

We are using the Virtual Gastric Band methodology developed by Sheila Granger. The program runs over 4 sessions with two personalised CDs and a Success Tips manual handed to you on the first day.



Thousands and thousands of people have quit smoking using hypnosis. Here's how it works. You come in for a session, when we meet we will learn about your smoking habit and discuss how you want to quit. You can stop all at once or taper off.

We suggest that you make a minimum of two appointments, three to seven days apart. Most people will either stop smoking or cut back to only one or two cigarettes a day after the first session. The next session will usually be ten times more powerful and effective than the first session and will reinforce the changes.

You don’t have to gain weight because you quit smoking! Follow our plan and you may even lose weight. Our education component helps you to replace the smoking habit with good positive behaviours. These good behaviours help you to take advantage of the time you used to spend smoking.


You probably already know how stress and anxiety can affect the quality of your life. The truth is it can also affect your health, your relationships and your happiness. Stress and anxiety cause you to worry excessively, feel uncomfortable in certain circumstances, not sleep properly or have panic attacks. Whether it presents itself through panic, social anxiety, phobias, OCD or compulsive hoarding, anxiety is very common in Australia. You are not alone.

Hypnotherapy can help you overcome anxiety quickly. Many people find that hypnotherapy for anxiety is the fastest way to feel better, calmer and more in control. When you overcome anxiety you can find it easier to: overcome old habits, enjoy your work and relationships with colleagues, make new friends, attempt new endeavours and be a better role model to others.



If you are stuck in your current situation and have become aware at some level that you are meant to do ‘bigger and better things’ in life, then you are ready to find a new direction. Our tailored programs can help you to free yourself from self-imposed limitations that keep you trapped in a never ending circle of negative repetition.

We can help you gain a new perspective, determine the next steps for your future and find a deeper understanding of yourself helping to you move into an exciting new version of yourself.


True confidence and healthy self-esteem are crucial elements contributing to feelings of happiness, contentment and success. Quite often people struggle to be true to themselves, trying to please everyone else, and putting other people’s interests before their own. Whilst seemingly a good gesture it could be damaging to your confidence and self esteem. Hiding out in life, worrying what other people may think of you prevents you from fully living your life and in the end creates dissatisfaction and physical illness.





I offer help with a range of other issues that people need assistance with..

Give me a call on 0422 559 806 to discuss how I can help.

These issues include:

  • alcohol and other addictions
  • insomnia
  • stress
  • bruxism
  • incontinence
  • IBS
  • depression
  • eating disorders, ie anorexia, bulimia
  • OCD

Plus more. Click below to see the full list.




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