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Emotional Eating

Thanks to Anya I've learned a lot about myself in just 4 weeks. Anya has given me the right tools to help me with emotional eating addictive habits. Now I am on the right path to a happier, healthier, slimmer me, thanks Anya. - Candice B, South Penrith

It has been life changing in so many ways beyond just my weight/food issues.  My family have noticed a drastic change in me. What I thought was a simple food issue turned out to run much deeper.  I feel after my hypnotherapy, more positive, confident and less likely to turn to food to solve my sadness. - Joanne, Blue Mountains

I felt I couldn't stop eating sugar (lollies) once I started.  Now I feel like a stronger person and more confident in myself.  I feel great about the goals I have achieved.  I feel more positive and have a better outlook on life...It was a great experience and I would do it again. - Kelly, Emu Plains

Positive Coaching

I would like to thank you for the positive coaching techniques that you have imparted to me and my staff. Before we came to see you, we were mentally tired and 'down on morale'. I am pleased to say that 'the morale is up,' and so is our business revenue as a result. I am very happy with my investment and look forward to working together on a periodic basis. Thanks again for the positive influence you’ve had on me, my staff and our families. - Jeff, All Hills, Toongabbie

New direction, confidence, alcohol

With a few months on a work assignment in Australia I decided it was time for me to find help. I arrived to Anya feeling empty, lost, hopeless for the future, not loving myself and drinking a bottle of wine everyday and more on the weekend. I was very doubtful of hypnotherapy & all but I thought it could not hurt considering how bad I was feeling. We discussed a lot, used TimeLine therapy and hypnotherapy. During the whole process my conscious mind was telling me it was stupid and pointless but the unconscious mind must have been OK with it because I transformed. This is a long process but thanks to Anya, I now feel that my past is behind me. I am positive about the future and slowly, everyday, love myself a bit more. And incredibly, I have now been 2 months sober without having to battle it everyday. I just feel I am a non drinker. I went on holidays, out with friends in bar and stayed alone at home after difficult days and I did not feel the urge to drink at all. Anya makes you feel safe, heard and confident better times are ahead. I strongly recommend working with her. - Claire R, Parramatta

Weight loss/ Confidence

Since going through my four sessions with Anya my energy, motivation, confidence and self-esteem just grew after each session. Anya helped me realise that being overweight was a side effect of a bigger problem – not the actual issue. I have lost 20% of my weight loss goal in one month and I have not struggled. Anya I thank you very much for helping me be where I am today and where I will be tomorrow. - Anthony P, Epping

Weight Loss/ Alcohol

I originally started looking for some help with losing weight and thought I would give hypnosis a try. I am so thankful I came across Anya who I felt comfortable with straight away. Very quickly Anya helped me to realise that the change I needed to make in my life was concerning alcohol and not necessarily weight loss. I had four sessions with Anya over a period of a few weeks and experienced a change in my mindset straight away. I have now not had alcohol for three months and it isn't even an issue anymore. I don't even think about it. This being from a person who consumed it everyday! The hypnosis part of the session was gentle, relaxing and empowering. Hypnosis is not a magic wand but it is definitely an important part of the reason why I can now say I am a non drinker. Coincidentally, the weight is coming off now too as well. So thank you so much Anya for all your guidance and support. The help you have given me has been absolutely amazing. - Vanessa G, Berowra

Public Speaking

I just thought I would let you know that I said my speech. I was nervous but I breathed through it and just thought of the things you have said to me. Thank you. - Liz, Burwood

Yes, I have achieved my objectives and others I wasn't expecting too. Rated 10 out of 10.  This therapy has exceeded my expectations. I felt powerless and fearful prior.  I am astonished at how different I feel in such a short time. I would definitely suggest trying this therapy. - Cathy, Springwood


Hi Anya, Just wanted to let you know I am doing fantastic and feeling back to normal. I have told so many of my friends how you helped me and they are very proud of me. I want to say thank you for helping me get my life back. Thank you so much. - Leanne, Blaxland

Good evening Anya,

Just a quick one to say Hi and tell you I was offered one {cigarette} this afternoon and declined saying it’s all over rover. My friend asked did I have hypno. You may get a call from my friend

He is from our club and a young guy who doesn't need the cigs. Hope you don't mind. LOL Rob


I am feeling great now as I have had a few people tell me I look like I have lost weight already. Makes me feel more confident at what I am doing. - Amanda, St Marys

Hi Anya. Just wanted to say a massive thank you. Things are starting to make sense in my life. I never realised how many walls I had around me. - Luke S, Greystanes

Many thanks too for all your help in allowing me to ‘see the light’ and be free from issues that have been part of almost all my life. - Mary, Mays Hill

I came to Anya with doubts as to whether I selected the right treatment option. After going through a few sessions, I have found not only was I right, but how lucky I was to find Anya. Anya is a great coach and has worked closely with me to create a positive way forward. I have now a new outlook in life, with confidence that I thought I am not capable of having. Thank you Anya, for allowing me to embrace the future with a new sense of excitement. - Jo, Sydney

Thank you Anya. Thanks so much for all your help in the past three weeks. I am feeling much more confident because of your help and the calming techniques we spoke about. - Dianne, Kellyville

Hi Anya, I am keeping busy and using a lot of what you helped me with speaking in front of large groups and my confidence is still really high. I don't get the overwhelming feeling anymore and if I do I just push it aside and all is good. - Kerrie, Emu Plains


I am amazed that only in a few sessions I feel free of the phobia that used to make my heart race out of control, my palms were sweating and my life was full of fear. I can now travel, use public transport and walk into the shops feeling normal. Thank you so much! - Louise, Greystanes


Dear Anya, thank you so much for listening and helping me today! I am very appreciative and very grateful for your input and experience, wisdom and knowledge to be able to help me. - Cathryn, Glenbrook

I do feel more positive and when I wake up in the morning it’s not like an elephant is sitting on my chest. I am so relieved. I can do what I set for myself to do now. - Stacey, St Claire

Weight Loss

After the first session my attitudes to food changed. When we went out to dinner I didn’t order the biggest meal on the menu, nor did I want to finish everything. I am happy to put extra food in the fridge. I can say 'I don’t want it' to lollies and chocolates. - David, Cambridge Park

I haven’t noticed many food ads on TV. I don’t think about food as much, watch TV and see an and don’t think 'I have to try it' it just goes away. - Sharon, Penrith

I have no problem leaving food on the plate, if I had enough – that’s it. - Julie, Dundas

I lost 6kg in 3 weeks, my t-shirts look loose on me, people have been noticing my jaw line. I can sleep comfortably. Last night we had pizza for dinner, I had three slices and was done with it. Before, I would have eaten the whole thing. - Peter, North Parramatta

I have no take away, no need. I am not stopping on the way to work, skirts and pants feel looser. I lost 5.1kg. - Tammie, Wentworthville

I can now walk past the chips isle, I feel motivated and moving a lot more. I am fitting into my new jeans. - Clare, Carlingford

I am losing 1.5kg per week and it feels great! - Jocelyn, Glenmore Park

Hi Anya. It’s been six weeks and I just wanted to let you know that i have now lost 5.2kg. - John, Kellyville

I am feeling great now as I have had a few people tell me I look like I have lost some weight already. Makes me feel more confident at what I am doing. - Amanda, St Marys


Hi Anya. Thank you so much for yesterday. I do have more energy today. You are amazing. Thank you. Have a great day! - Cathryn, Carlingford


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