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Weight Management

How hypnotherapy and life coaching can help you lose weight.

In our tailored program we work with you to identify patterns, beliefs and decisions that are influencing your eating habits. Many people that come to us have tried numerous diets with limited success because unconsciously they feel that every diet is depriving them of the foods they like and the pleasures associated with them. Hypnosis has been proven very effective to help you let go of the deprived feeling and end the internal struggle for good. As one of our clients said 'hypnotherapy is not a magic pill' but rather a focused and safe way to change your mindset, feelings and behaviours. With the use of various therapeutic techniques we help you to transform your attitudes towards the food and to feel motivated to exercise so that you can achieve your desired outcomes.

Finding new respect for yourself and focusing on other aspects of life rather than food allows you to feel free and move on to fulfilling your dreams and desires.

Our most popular program is a four week program which includes weekly hypnotherapy sessions, a support CD and a Simple Way to Lose Weight success manual. For someone prepared to commit to a longer course of therapy we have an 8 week program allowing more time to support you during the massive changes to your lifestyle. This program includes a two week break where you have to lose weight which by then, is very achievable and always successful.


Virtual Gastric Banding

The Virtual Gastric Band program is extremely effective in helping people to lose weight. This program does not involve dieting and uses a virtual gastric band combined with other mind management techniques to enable clients to form new habits that are easy to maintain.

By engaging the unconscious mind you can feel satisfied on smaller amounts of food, change the eating routine and enjoy exercise easily and healthfully. During the clinical trials in the UK effective weight loss was achieved by 99% of participants. We are using the Virtual Gastric Band methodology developed by Sheila Granger.

The program runs over 4 sessions with two personalised CDs and a Success Tips manual handed to you on the first day.


'I lost 6kg in 3 weeks, my t-shirts look loose on me, people have been noticing my jaw line. I can sleep comfortably. Last night we had pizza for dinner, I had three slices and was done with it. Before, I would have eaten the whole thing.' - Peter, North Parramatta

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